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New Monetization Mode

Integrating with Celer Gaming SDK and launching with CelerX equips your HTML5 game with real-money competition and built-in monetization capability. Start this new monetization mode for your game in addition to your existing monetization sources.

Easy Integration
with Two Lines of Code

Developers who already had an HTML5 game can easily integrate with Celer Gaming SDK. For some integration modes, you only need to add two lines of code to your game before launching and generating revenue with CelerX.

No Blockchain Experience Needed

With the flexible integration modes provided by Celer Gaming SDK, even developers with ZERO blockchain experience can easily transform their game to an eSports crypto-based game.

Global Reach

By integrating and launching with CelerX, your game will have a global user reach with more than loading countries in the world.

Flexible Game Modes and Types

Game Modes

Celer Gaming SDK offers flexible integration modes, ranging from fully decentralized integration mode to centralized integration mode. Game developers can pick the one that fits their needs.

Game Types

Celer Gaming SDK also supports the integration with multiple game types, including solo games, 1v1 turn-based games and 1v1 real-time synchronous games.




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